Review STOKE YOUR FIRES Moving Image Festival

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On Wednesday 2 March we had a one day trip for ANIMATION, FILM & DIGITAL ARTS FESTIVAL OF THE MOVING IMAGE.

There is the plan for that day :

10.30AM Screening of Award Winners

The winning films from this year’s Stoke Your Fires competition:

  • Professional Animation: Save Our Bacon, UK
  • Short Film (Drama): Intercambio, Italy
  • Student Animation: On the Water, The Netherlands
  • Student Film: Entropy, UK
  • Short Animation: Cul de Bouteille, France
  • Short Film (Documentary): Petrzalkar Identity, Slovakia
  • Fine Art/Experimental Animation: Birdboy, Spain
  • Made in Midlands’: Run, UK

12.45PM Eclectica 1-Film

A selection of screenings from this year’s short-listed films:

  • Goodbye, Doll, Spain
  • Khorosho, Spain

1.30PM Skillset Panel

3.30PM Double Negative – Gruff Owen

Useful link:

Most information were interesting and useful. But, there is a short animation catch my attention which called Cul de Bouteille, France.

La nouvelle, terrible, est tombée : profondément myope, Arnaud doit porter des lunettes. Et pas n’importe quelles lunettes : une monture grossière qui lui décolle les oreilles et lui pince le nez, des verres si épais que ses yeux ne semblent plus que deux petits points noirs. Ces affreux binocles, Arnaud ne les aime pas et il préfère de loin le monde flou et protéiforme de sa myopie, un monde peuplé de monstres, licornes et autres chimères qui apparaissent au gré de sa fertile imagination.

Synopsis: Some bad news has just arrived: profoundly nearsighted, Arnaud has to wear glasses. And not any ordinary glasses: an unrefined frame which unsticks his ears and pinches his nose, glasses so thick that his eyes seem no more than two little black spots. These hideous lorgnettes, Arnaud does not like them and he prefers by far the vague and protean world of his nearsightedness, a world populated with monsters, unicorns and the other fancies which appear according to his fertile imagination.

恐怖的消息传来:重度近视,阿诺必须得戴眼镜了。不是普通的眼镜,而是要勾住耳朵、紧紧夹住鼻梁的一副超大的镜架,而他的眼睛在厚厚的镜片后面只剩下两个 小黑点儿。阿诺讨厌这对厚瓶底儿,他更喜欢那个模模糊糊的世界,他的小脑袋想象出来的妖怪、独角兽和其他怪兽都在这个世界里栩栩如生起来。

During this film we can saw a little boy’s world. All image things would become alive when he take off his glasses. Obviously, his parents doesn’t like it. They give him the glasses which seems take away his imagination. It makes me think about my childhood when I was a little girl I can always found something interesting around me, I was the shadow like an monster, I found the grain on the tree like it’s eyes, etc. I feel lucky because my parents didn’t took those imagination from me, they would like to listen those crazy image story from me and encourage me write done or draw them like a pictures. I think that could be a reason why I like animation and want to be an animator in the future.


There are some pictures took from the Festival:


Review for trips to Vancouver, Canada

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From 17th to 28th Apri I had a trip to Vancouver, Canada to visit my aunty and her family.

Vancouver is a very beautiful city which have big green stands of vegetation but small

populations. During this trip I got a chance to visit

  •  Emily Carr university of art+design
  • Vancouver Art gallery
  • some art works from an Greece artist

Useful link:

 Emily Carr university of art+design

Emily Carr University of Art + Design is a full member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. Established in 1925, and based in Vancouver, BC, Emily Carr University of Art + Design one of Canada’s premier, post-secondary universities specializing in undergraduate and graduate art and design education and research.

Useful link:

Emily Carr university located in Granville Island, after this one day trip and talk with some students who study here, I got some personal feeling for this university. On my opinion, Emily Carr pay more attention on the CG area most of their work are based on CG technology. During the conversation, I found that they would like to doing  more 3D works also some fantastic after effects, they doing well in this stage. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like use those CG technology, nowadays, CG technology become more and more important in the design area, but I still think to be an animator or designer, the first skill you need to have should be drawing skill. Use simple pen and paper you can just easily translate the imagination in you mind to be some real pictures which can help designer catch their idea in the first place.  Anyway,  this just some of my personal feeling about it, Emily Carr university still have a very good high education and  great skills  which worth me to learn in the future study. If some of you have a chance to visit Vancouver don’t forget coming to visit the Emily Carr university, all their teachers are kind, also talk with their students could be a very good experience to open you mind to see others works, hear different ideas could be a pretty good way to inspire you ideas.

This one is their animation studio below:

University outside look:


Vancouver Art gallery

Despite visited Emily Carr university,  I had a one day trip for Vancouver Art gallery as well.

The Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) is the fifth-largest art gallery in Canada and the largest in Western Canada. It is located at 750 Hornby Street in Vancouver, British Columbia. Its permanent collection of about 10,000 artworks includes more than 200 major works by Emily Carr, the Group of Seven, and illustrations by Marc Chagall.

The VAG was founded in 1931 and had its first home at 1145 West Georgia Street. In 1983 it moved to the Hornby Street location, the former provincial courthouse. It was renovated at a cost of $20 million by architect Arthur Erickson, which completed his modern three city-block Robson Square complex. via an underground passage below Robson Street to an outdoor plaza, restaurants, the University of British Columbia’s downtown satellite campus, government offices, and the new law courts at the southern end.

The VAG has 41,400 square feet (3,850 m2) of exhibition space and about 10,000 works in its collection, most notably its Emily Carr collection. It has also amassed a significant collection of photographs. In addition to exhibitions of its own collection, the VAG regularly hosts touring exhibitions. The VAG regularly sponsors or hosts a number of public programmes and lectures.

In March 2007 the 2010 Olympic countdown clock was placed in the front lawn of the VAG. It was open for free for the public to see. The clock has since been disassembled, with one half going to BC Place and the other to Whistler Village.

On that day I saw three current exhibitions on show:

  • from the collection

Useful link:

For me, WALKING + FALLING JIM CAMPBELL, CHRIS MARKER AND EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE which really gave me a unforgettable experience.

From that I saw a lot different walks, also the artist use many different ways to record the walks. The most interesting one was the Jim Campbell
Exploded View (Running Falling), 2010. On that work his use 1152 LED s, wire and steel to create a 3D model to show walk people walk cycle on different vials.

Because the gallery not allow take photos inside, I couldn’t post their art works on my blog. I will try my best to find more information and useful links to show those wonderful artworks.

Vancouver Gas-town Steam Clock:


Vancouver street view:

To sum up, if the National Gallery is the heave for classical art, then the Vancouver Art Gallery could be a garden for modern abstract art. It probably because Canada’s culture history. Canada do not have a long history like UK or China. Base on this culture background, we can see most of  city  buildings are succinct style modern architecture. I think it’s good for me to see those different styles art works also their city architectures, again if your eyes view are so narrow it would give any help for you creativity.

Because my uncle is an artist whose specialize in oil painting. After saw some art works from him and his friends, he told me something about art and design on his understanding, we had a long conversation and I really got some useful suggestions from him for my work and future study.

For me, this Canada trip gave me a lot of memorable experience, I found traveling could be a very important skill not just  for artist and designer, even anybody on create industry. Hope I can have more chance to visit different place in the future.

Stop-motion charater making with Qing Zhang

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I was help the Qing Zhang who is the student doing MA in art school. This semester, I ‘ve got a opptunity to help her make her stop-motion animation for her MA work. It was a very good experience for me because seens I’ve try doing some stop-motion on Bilingual Animation WORKSHOPS, I would like to do it more, because I found it was very interesting which could helps me get more information about charater movment or camera set. I was help her doing some charater making, and take some shorts for her animation. I also join some discussion about the ending of the story with her, I think it was good not only just could see somebody’s work, but also could be a chance for me to open my mind and gives me some inspires from help other people. Hope I can have more opportunity like this in the future.

ARD 312 Professional Practice – Money Doctors Project

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There is another collaborative work I’ve done for ARD 312 Professional Practice which is Money Doctors Project.

As a team member in this work, I was responsible for doing storyboard, background design and the animation part in the film.

Specific Skills: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe After Effects CS4



I was design two kinds of backgrounds for our client. Because this work was made for the Glyndwr University Students Funding & Welfare Support film project as part of GTV programmes. So, I design to use some elements from Glyndwr University logo style. The inspiration from the Glyndwr University marketing.

For BACKGROUND 1 I’ve used the glyndwr university logo and make two colourful lines on the top and bottom.

For BACKGROUND 2 I’ve used the glyndwr university logo and make some colourful lines on the upper right corner and the lower left corner.


Use Photoshop I try to give the blackboard some special material to make it feel like real.

For doing the animation part I’ve responsible for making the panel 3; panel 4,5,7,9; panel 16.

Panel 3

panel 4,5,7,9

panel 16

There are all the files about this proiect below:



To see the character design and more information about Money Doctors Project please check another team member Belle ZHAO blog link below:

ARD 312 Professional Practice – Looking for Owain Glyndwr

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For ARD 312 Professional Practice I was done a team work with tow students from Wei Luo, Wei Yi (student from English, Broadcasting and Journalism ) . This team work was about make a documentary film for introduce the history about the famous Owain Glyndwr and his life invested with mystery.

This documentary film was made for GTV which will shows after summer holiday.

As a team member in this work, I was responsible for doing the editing, give soundtracks title and credit, also make some animation in the film.

Specific Skills: Adobe Premiere CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS3

Looking for Owain Glyndwr


Who is Owain Glyndwr? A heroic figure in Wales? A character in literature? A mystery in history? Why the former NEWI chose to re-name after him?

The short documentary film Looking for Owain Glyndwr aims to seek answers to these questions by taking you to an colourful and exciting tour in Glyndwr University and Owain Glyndwr Mount[2] where he was titled ‘Prince of Wales’ near Llangollen.

Little is known about the man described in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part I as “not in the roll of common men.”[3] Let’s learn a little more from Professor Michael Scott, Vice-Chancellor of Glyndŵr University, Dr. Deniz Baker, Senior Lecturer in English, and Dr Kathryn Ellis, Senior Lecturer in History in Glyndwr University. Glyndwr is seen everywhere within the university, we are going to explore the inspiration and values that Owain brought to this growing new university via talking to staff in Marketing Department. Besides, students designed and launched their own beer brand 1412 which was inspired by Owain’s mysterious disappearance. In Looking for Owain Glyndwr you are going to see what they knew about him and how they related to him.

[1] Reference to Al Pacino’s Looking for Richard (1996)


Programme Description

Short Description

A documentary brings you to an exciting trip exploring the mysterious stories of Owain Glyndwr.

Medium description

A documentary brings you to an exciting trip exploring the mysterious stories of Owain Glyndwr. You will be guided from different angles.

Long Description

A documentary film brings you an exciting trip exploring the mysterious stories of Owain Glyndwr, a national hero in Wales. You will be guided by our camera and presenters, leading you together to learn some interesting stories of the figure from different angle.

The documentary is directed from three aspects. Dr Kathryn Ellis, a Senior Lecturer in History, will tell you some history truth about Owain Glyndwr, including his rebelling experience. In this section, audience will have a trip in Glyndyfrwy and Sycharth. Glyndyfrwy was the place where Owain Glyndwr declares himself as the Prince of Wales, while Sycharth was his hometown. We will insert some photos of the Owain Glyndwr Mount, shots of the map, and scenery from the Sycharth. We hope audience can enjoy the film and also well understand it.

Looking for Owain Glyndwr also wants to tell you the story about Glyndwr University, we will try to find the answer for students why the university rename after this hero. Andrew Parry, the Head of Corporate Communications and Executive Advisor to Vice-Chancellor, thinks Owain Glyndwr is a hero, a leader and a scholar. He and Professor Michael Scott (Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of the University), and Dr. Kathryn all mention a panel letter, which Owain Glyndwr wrote to the King of France hoping he can set up two universities for him. Glyndwr University named after him because people around the university want to integrate Glyndwr’s Spirit into the campus. Everyone knows the importance of the university, we hope Glyndwr will have a great future. When the economy develops, more students will come here from the whole world. It not only provides an academic environment for local people, but also gives more opportunities to the development of local.

With this documentary film, Looking for Owain Glyndwr hopes to find answer for the audience about this figure. We hope it can tell people some knowledge of the hero, and also introduce Glyndwr University for audience.


Looking for Owain Glyndwr

Documentary Film


Wei Luo & Yi Wei


Record Dates



Who is Owain Glyndwr? A heroic figure in Wales? A character in literature? A mystery in history? Why the former NEWI chose to re-name after him?

The short documentary film Looking for Owain Glyndwr aims to seek answers to these questions by taking you to an colourful and exciting tour in Glyndwr University and Owain Glyndwr Mount[1] where he was titled ‘Prince of Wales’ near Llangollen.

Little is known about the man described in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part I as “not in the roll of common men.”[2] Let’s learn some historical truth from Dr Kathryn Ellis, Senior Lecturer in History in Glyndwr University. She will show us some materials and describe Owain Glyndwr’s home, Sycharth, for us.

Glyndwr is seen everywhere within the university, we are going to explore the inspiration and values that Owain brought to this growing new university via talking to Professor Michael Scott, the Vice-Chancelor and Chief Executive of the university, and Andrew Parry, the Head of Corporate Communications and Executive Advisor to Vice-Chancellor. Both of them will tell us why the university change its name after this hero, and how the spirit has been integrated into the students’ life. Nevertheless, Professor Scott will also describe the future prospective for the Glyndwr University. The whole documentary will be ended in his voice reading the poets in Shakepeare’s Henry IV.


Presenters: Andrew Parry/ Kathryn Ellis/ Professor Michael Scott

Directors/ Production Designers/ Script Writers: Wei Luo/ Yi Wei

Camera: Wei Luo (Vera)/ Yi Wei (Silvia)

Editors: Fei Hou/ Sisi Han

Animation: Sisi Han/ Zhen Zhao

Soundtrack: Sisi Han

Producers: Wei Luo and Yi Wei


Glyndwr University/ Owain Glyndwr Mount



Week Process
28th February 11 l  Prep work (planning, researching), liaising with people we need (interviewees, team members)
07th March 11 l  Production
14th March 11 l  Signed the Risk Assessment with Sally
21st March11 l  Production
28th March 11 l  Interviewed Dr. Kathryn Ellis
04th April 11 l  Filming in Glyndyfrdw
11th Apr 11 l  Interviewed Andrewl  Filming in Owain Glyndwr Mount
18th Aril 11 l  Interviewed Professor Scottl  Filming and took photos around the campusl  Editing
25th April 11 l  Editing
2nd May 11 l  Editingl  First Edition
9th May 11 l  Final Editionl  Hand-in


Looking for Owain Glyndwr

Looking for Owain Glyndwr is a documentary film which gets its inspiration from Al Pasino’s Looking for Richard III.

The film starts with voice-over present by a group of girls, they are asked who is Owain Glyndwr. Different answers are offered. Some think Glyndwr is a name of the university, or it is a name of Walsh hero. But some say they know nothing about this figure. Then the question ‘Who is Owain Glyndwr’ slowly appears on the screen, our story starts.

At first, Andrew Parry, the Head of Corporate Communications and Executive Advisor to Vice-Chancellor, tell us Owain Glyndwr was the most important figure in Wales, and he also was a leader and a great scholar. As followed, a running train comes to the station bring the trip to the first destination, Glyndwyfrdw. After this shot, Dr. Kathryn Elllis’s interview is inserted. As a Senior Lecture majoring in History, Dr. Kathryn tells us Owain Glyndwr is remembered as a national hero in South Wale. She will introduce two places closely linking with Glyndwr. One is Glyndwyfrdw, where Owain Glyndwr declared himself as ‘Princess of Wales’; the other one is Sycharth, which has been recorded as Glyndwr’s hometown. On the half way of present, some materials including photos take from Owain Glyndwr Mount and Sycharth are going to show the appearance of the places for audience. However, at the end of the first interview of Kathryn, she says that Owain Glyndwr was last seen by the public in 1415, so lost of mysterious about this hero has been left for us.

Our trip of exploring will be continued. In the next part of the film, we will try to link this hero and his spirit with the university and students. Being draw back by the train, we will lead the camera back to the Glyndwr University’s campus. When we walk around the campus, we find the buildings have given this university a modern appearance. It is developing and becomes more beautiful. Then interviews of Andrew, Professor Michael Scott (Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive) and Kathryn chronically appear. They all mention that Owain Glyndwr wrote a panel letter to the King of France wanted to establish two universities in Wales. He knew the nature and important of having a university, that is why we name our university after his name. At the final section of the film, Professor Scott describes us the future development of the University for us, and believe we will have a future.

At the end of this documentary, we finish the film with Shakespeare’s description of Owain Glyndwr in Henry IV, the sentence of poet will be read by Professor Scott, who also specializes in Shakespear.

There is the GTV RELEASE FORM – Student Production Team Members below:

To see more information about Looking for Owain Glyndwr please check another team member Belle ZHAO blog link below:


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This is the second years I had take part in the creative futures week.

This year’s event lasting 4 days from 7th – 11th March 2011. The week, which has been organized by the Careers Center and lecturers starts in the William Aston Hall at 10am on Monday 7th March.

There are the events I’ve joined below:

DAY ONE 7th March

William Asoton Hall

1. Opening Address

2. KEY NOTE “Passions and Passport” by Barry Purves

Nick Whitehead

3. From commercials to feature films: life as a professional animator by Harriet Buckley

4. Show-reel, portfolio and CV: advice for finding work by Harriet Buckley

DAY TWO 8th March

Nick Whitehead

9. KEY NOTE: Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels by Paul Gravett

12. Working Class Hero. Middle Class W**ker. Graphic Designer. by Dave Barraclough

William Aston Hall

16.Tiny Elephants, Stop-motion Animation Company – Three Years On by Linda McCarthy

DAY THREE 9th March

Catrin Finch Aud. 1

25. Getting into Film and TV by Sue Jeffries (Skillset)

28. Producing a CV for the Creative Media Industries by Sue Jeffries (Skillset)

Nick Whitehead

30. Computer Games – Concept art and illustration in the entertainment industry by Lee Carter

33. 6 years out! (illustration and design) by Joe List

DAY FOUR 10th March

41. Artist, sculptor and film maker! by Huw Davies

44. Day – time design and free – time design by Neil Johnston

49. Post graduate study options by Peter Heard/ Karen Lennox/ Steve Keegan

Most of the events were good and useful,  especially the Producing a CV for the Creative Media Industries by Sue Jeffries (Skillset) really gave some useful examples for how to created a professional CV before enter the industry.

There I would like to talk about the speech given by Barry Purves which called KEY NOTE “Passions and Passport”. Because it was the best event I’ve take prat in for this year’s creative futures week.

Before the event I’ve done some backgound search:

Barry J.C. Purves is an English animator, director and writer of puppet animation and also a designer and director of stage plays, primarily for the Altrincham Garrick Playhouse in Manchester. Known as one of Britain’s most celebrated animators on account of his six short films , each of which has been nominated for numerous international awards which  including Academy Award and British Academy Film Awards nominations, he has also directed and animated for several television programs and over seventy advertisements, title sequences and animated insert sequences for feature films.His film credits include being head animator for Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks! (before the decision was made to use computer animation in place of stop motion), previsualization animation director for Peter Jackson’s King Kong and being “casually involved,” simultaneous to this, with animation for the same director’s The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King during the 2003 film’s post-production.

Purves has taught animation, made documentaries, written articles for magazines and books and his own book Stop Motion: Passion, Process and Performance was released through Focal Press in 2007. He has held workhops about animation in several colleges in Europe and beyond as well as major North American studios such as Dreamworks, Pacific Data Images, Pixar and Will Vinton Studios (now Laika Entertainment House). Around 1996 he made plans to shoot a full-length film of Noye’s Fludde, Benjamin Britten’s opera version of a mystery play about the Deluge;one of his strangest credits was co-presenting, in Mandarin, the live final of the Chinese talent search show Super Girl in 2006.

Useful link:

During his speech there was a word which was mentioned many times, it was “passion”. That is true, because there is nothing that can be successful without passion. To been successful you need to be professional and patient, which means you need to do a lot of research, training and practice, etc. Especially failure, you can’t go through that without passion. Therefore, passion is a necessary skill for animators.

 There was an another tip Barry Purves gave from his speech which is

 “It’s important to pay attention to people’s body language, the body language can always show the real emotion for people.”

 I totally agree with this! In my opinion, body language is the natural emotions show for humans. People can hide their real emotions with their facial expressions but it is always reveals from their body language. For me the best animation should be no dialog, it doesn’t mean silent but only music and sound effects during the film. Because if the character’s emotion is shown with dialogs this means you may loose many audiences because there are a lot of languages in the world, not everybody can understand the same language, but  without dialog an audience can only read character’s emotion from their body language or facial expression which means the work should be much powerful and understandable.

 For practicing your body language, Barry Purves also gave some tips, for example, go to a theatre and watch some musicals or vaudeville. Also, life drawing is the best way to train you body language presentation skills.  People watching could be the first lesson for any animator.

To sum up,I was enjoy this year’s creative futures and feel it was worthwhile. Hopefully there could be more useful speech like “KEY NOTE ‘Passions and Passport’ by Barry Purves in next year.

ARD 312 Professional Practice - Summer working experience

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Last summer I had a very good experience for working on “NNTV”  which is abbreviated from “Nanning Television “.

There are some useful links:

(NNTV is a local TV Station in China, so it shows Chinese, hope they can get an English website in the future, if you can’t understand, sorry about that)

NNTV is a local TV Station which is very popular in Nannng, Guangxi, China. From 23rd June 2010 to 26th July 2010, I was work for the Animation studio in NNTV. During the time, I was take part in doing those works below:

1、Public information film for World Population Day 2010

Showed on 6 July 2010

2、About  make the floor plan for NNTV 400 Sqm Studio

3、Assist to make the LED screen background animation for the special program  Observe a sixty anniversary for the Civil Air Defense.

For making the public information film World Population Day 2010, I was responsible for doing the pre-production like information research, brainstorm and storyboard design, post-production for give the soundtrack and title.

Specific Skills: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe After Effects CS4, Final Cut Pro

Pre-production information research:


CountdownReportAndProfilesWorld Population Day 资料







Finish film for World Population Day 2010

I would like to post those floor plan for NNTV 400 Sqm Studio and LED screen background animations, but unfortunately they not alow me to put those materials on the internet probably there is some thing about the rights. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I had a great time when I work of this animation studio. This working experience is very important for me and it’s relay gives me some ideas about the TV industry, I mean the real experience to work with those nice designers and stuffs, not just read form the books or magazines. To work with them, I saw the daily life for  animators and how to survive in the design industry. All of the stuffs I work with were very kind people, they help me a lot when I done those works, such as taught me how to use the software After Effect and gave me some ideas for the storyboard design. To saw their excellent professional skills and fantastic ideas, I feel that I still have a lot of things to learn and improve my study. Hope I can get more opportunity in the future.

There is my working certification below:

(NNTV is a local TV Station in China, so it shows Chinese, if you can’t understand, I will try to translate by some special organization in the future, sorry about that )

There are some pictures show about the studio area:

When I worked on studio, this gay helps me a lot!!!!! In Chinese we call him “shi fu” which means teacher in English.

So, big thanks to you!

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