Here are some works I’ve done with my friends, Belle, Smiley and Jasmine.

These works had been done in 2008 which for decorated our school in China.
What we need to do was try to find a way to decorate a large glass door, make sure that people can not look though this door.

This work was given by our assistant dean. She told us this salon need been decorated in Chinese traditional style. So, we were considering four different options.

1. Use Chinese ancient coins with red lines made an Chinese traditional  dermatoglyphic pattern.

2. Use Chinese traditional paper cuts, make a large 
pattern which can be paste on the door.

3. Use the bambooscreen.

4. Drawing some louts pattern by hands, because louts in Chinese means “peace,save and accordance”.

After discussed with our assistant dean, finally we chosen the Fourth plan.

All of the work drawing by hands, for the drawing complete and preserves time permanent, we used
Propylene Painting Colours.There are some photos which shows the process during this work.