Last summer I had a very good experience for working on “NNTV”  which is abbreviated from “Nanning Television “.

There are some useful links:

(NNTV is a local TV Station in China, so it shows Chinese, hope they can get an English website in the future, if you can’t understand, sorry about that)

NNTV is a local TV Station which is very popular in Nannng, Guangxi, China. From 23rd June 2010 to 26th July 2010, I was work for the Animation studio in NNTV. During the time, I was take part in doing those works below:

1、Public information film for World Population Day 2010

Showed on 6 July 2010

2、About  make the floor plan for NNTV 400 Sqm Studio

3、Assist to make the LED screen background animation for the special program  Observe a sixty anniversary for the Civil Air Defense.

For making the public information film World Population Day 2010, I was responsible for doing the pre-production like information research, brainstorm and storyboard design, post-production for give the soundtrack and title.

Specific Skills: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe After Effects CS4, Final Cut Pro

Pre-production information research:


CountdownReportAndProfilesWorld Population Day 资料







Finish film for World Population Day 2010

I would like to post those floor plan for NNTV 400 Sqm Studio and LED screen background animations, but unfortunately they not alow me to put those materials on the internet probably there is some thing about the rights. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I had a great time when I work of this animation studio. This working experience is very important for me and it’s relay gives me some ideas about the TV industry, I mean the real experience to work with those nice designers and stuffs, not just read form the books or magazines. To work with them, I saw the daily life for  animators and how to survive in the design industry. All of the stuffs I work with were very kind people, they help me a lot when I done those works, such as taught me how to use the software After Effect and gave me some ideas for the storyboard design. To saw their excellent professional skills and fantastic ideas, I feel that I still have a lot of things to learn and improve my study. Hope I can get more opportunity in the future.

There is my working certification below:

(NNTV is a local TV Station in China, so it shows Chinese, if you can’t understand, I will try to translate by some special organization in the future, sorry about that )

There are some pictures show about the studio area:

When I worked on studio, this gay helps me a lot!!!!! In Chinese we call him “shi fu” which means teacher in English.

So, big thanks to you!