From 17th to 28th Apri I had a trip to Vancouver, Canada to visit my aunty and her family.

Vancouver is a very beautiful city which have big green stands of vegetation but small

populations. During this trip I got a chance to visit

  •  Emily Carr university of art+design
  • Vancouver Art gallery
  • some art works from an Greece artist

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 Emily Carr university of art+design

Emily Carr University of Art + Design is a full member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. Established in 1925, and based in Vancouver, BC, Emily Carr University of Art + Design one of Canada’s premier, post-secondary universities specializing in undergraduate and graduate art and design education and research.

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Emily Carr university located in Granville Island, after this one day trip and talk with some students who study here, I got some personal feeling for this university. On my opinion, Emily Carr pay more attention on the CG area most of their work are based on CG technology. During the conversation, I found that they would like to doing  more 3D works also some fantastic after effects, they doing well in this stage. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like use those CG technology, nowadays, CG technology become more and more important in the design area, but I still think to be an animator or designer, the first skill you need to have should be drawing skill. Use simple pen and paper you can just easily translate the imagination in you mind to be some real pictures which can help designer catch their idea in the first place.  Anyway,  this just some of my personal feeling about it, Emily Carr university still have a very good high education and  great skills  which worth me to learn in the future study. If some of you have a chance to visit Vancouver don’t forget coming to visit the Emily Carr university, all their teachers are kind, also talk with their students could be a very good experience to open you mind to see others works, hear different ideas could be a pretty good way to inspire you ideas.

This one is their animation studio below:

University outside look:


Vancouver Art gallery

Despite visited Emily Carr university,  I had a one day trip for Vancouver Art gallery as well.

The Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) is the fifth-largest art gallery in Canada and the largest in Western Canada. It is located at 750 Hornby Street in Vancouver, British Columbia. Its permanent collection of about 10,000 artworks includes more than 200 major works by Emily Carr, the Group of Seven, and illustrations by Marc Chagall.

The VAG was founded in 1931 and had its first home at 1145 West Georgia Street. In 1983 it moved to the Hornby Street location, the former provincial courthouse. It was renovated at a cost of $20 million by architect Arthur Erickson, which completed his modern three city-block Robson Square complex. via an underground passage below Robson Street to an outdoor plaza, restaurants, the University of British Columbia’s downtown satellite campus, government offices, and the new law courts at the southern end.

The VAG has 41,400 square feet (3,850 m2) of exhibition space and about 10,000 works in its collection, most notably its Emily Carr collection. It has also amassed a significant collection of photographs. In addition to exhibitions of its own collection, the VAG regularly hosts touring exhibitions. The VAG regularly sponsors or hosts a number of public programmes and lectures.

In March 2007 the 2010 Olympic countdown clock was placed in the front lawn of the VAG. It was open for free for the public to see. The clock has since been disassembled, with one half going to BC Place and the other to Whistler Village.

On that day I saw three current exhibitions on show:

  • from the collection

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For me, WALKING + FALLING JIM CAMPBELL, CHRIS MARKER AND EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE which really gave me a unforgettable experience.

From that I saw a lot different walks, also the artist use many different ways to record the walks. The most interesting one was the Jim Campbell
Exploded View (Running Falling), 2010. On that work his use 1152 LED s, wire and steel to create a 3D model to show walk people walk cycle on different vials.

Because the gallery not allow take photos inside, I couldn’t post their art works on my blog. I will try my best to find more information and useful links to show those wonderful artworks.

Vancouver Gas-town Steam Clock:


Vancouver street view:

To sum up, if the National Gallery is the heave for classical art, then the Vancouver Art Gallery could be a garden for modern abstract art. It probably because Canada’s culture history. Canada do not have a long history like UK or China. Base on this culture background, we can see most of  city  buildings are succinct style modern architecture. I think it’s good for me to see those different styles art works also their city architectures, again if your eyes view are so narrow it would give any help for you creativity.

Because my uncle is an artist whose specialize in oil painting. After saw some art works from him and his friends, he told me something about art and design on his understanding, we had a long conversation and I really got some useful suggestions from him for my work and future study.

For me, this Canada trip gave me a lot of memorable experience, I found traveling could be a very important skill not just  for artist and designer, even anybody on create industry. Hope I can have more chance to visit different place in the future.