On Wednesday 2 March we had a one day trip for ANIMATION, FILM & DIGITAL ARTS FESTIVAL OF THE MOVING IMAGE.

There is the plan for that day :

10.30AM Screening of Award Winners

The winning films from this year’s Stoke Your Fires competition:

  • Professional Animation: Save Our Bacon, UK
  • Short Film (Drama): Intercambio, Italy
  • Student Animation: On the Water, The Netherlands
  • Student Film: Entropy, UK
  • Short Animation: Cul de Bouteille, France
  • Short Film (Documentary): Petrzalkar Identity, Slovakia
  • Fine Art/Experimental Animation: Birdboy, Spain
  • Made in Midlands’: Run, UK

12.45PM Eclectica 1-Film

A selection of screenings from this year’s short-listed films:

  • Goodbye, Doll, Spain
  • Khorosho, Spain

1.30PM Skillset Panel

3.30PM Double Negative – Gruff Owen

Useful link: http://www.stokeyourfires.co.uk/

Most information were interesting and useful. But, there is a short animation catch my attention which called Cul de Bouteille, France.

La nouvelle, terrible, est tombée : profondément myope, Arnaud doit porter des lunettes. Et pas n’importe quelles lunettes : une monture grossière qui lui décolle les oreilles et lui pince le nez, des verres si épais que ses yeux ne semblent plus que deux petits points noirs. Ces affreux binocles, Arnaud ne les aime pas et il préfère de loin le monde flou et protéiforme de sa myopie, un monde peuplé de monstres, licornes et autres chimères qui apparaissent au gré de sa fertile imagination.

Synopsis: Some bad news has just arrived: profoundly nearsighted, Arnaud has to wear glasses. And not any ordinary glasses: an unrefined frame which unsticks his ears and pinches his nose, glasses so thick that his eyes seem no more than two little black spots. These hideous lorgnettes, Arnaud does not like them and he prefers by far the vague and protean world of his nearsightedness, a world populated with monsters, unicorns and the other fancies which appear according to his fertile imagination.

恐怖的消息传来:重度近视,阿诺必须得戴眼镜了。不是普通的眼镜,而是要勾住耳朵、紧紧夹住鼻梁的一副超大的镜架,而他的眼睛在厚厚的镜片后面只剩下两个 小黑点儿。阿诺讨厌这对厚瓶底儿,他更喜欢那个模模糊糊的世界,他的小脑袋想象出来的妖怪、独角兽和其他怪兽都在这个世界里栩栩如生起来。

During this film we can saw a little boy’s world. All image things would become alive when he take off his glasses. Obviously, his parents doesn’t like it. They give him the glasses which seems take away his imagination. It makes me think about my childhood when I was a little girl I can always found something interesting around me, I was the shadow like an monster, I found the grain on the tree like it’s eyes, etc. I feel lucky because my parents didn’t took those imagination from me, they would like to listen those crazy image story from me and encourage me write done or draw them like a pictures. I think that could be a reason why I like animation and want to be an animator in the future.


There are some pictures took from the Festival: